Photos of the UK-barcoding project

Photos of the UK-barcoding project - download

Photos of the UK-barcoding project

This project (Kelly et al., 2016), funded by the Environment Agency, England’s environmental regulator, aimed to develop a DNA metabarcoding approach to ecological assessment based on diatoms using HTS of a fragment of the rbcL gene. It aimed to ensure continuity with microscopical methods while, at the same time, complying with the EU Water Framework Directive, which refers to ‘taxonomic composition’. The twin foundations for this study were a calibration dataset of samples, analyzed by both microscopy and HTS approaches, along with a reference database of rbcL DNA barcodes which link to Linnaean taxonomy.

You can find at the following link a selection of photos of the diatom strains isolated and barcoded in the framework of the project UK-barcoding.

Kelly, M.G., Mann, D.G., & Sato, S. (2019). Photos of the barcoded strains from the UK-Barcoding. Zenodo.

This project was funded by the Environment Agency :

Reference :

Kelly, M. G., N. Boonham, S. Juggins, P. Kille, D. G. Mann, D. Pass, D. Sapp, S. Sato, & R. Glover, 2016. A DNA based diatom metabarcoding approach for Water Framework Directive classification of rivers. Bristol, UK: 1–94.

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